A tokenised platform to build a democratised energy intelligence

While the demand for electricity increases rapidly, we have to reduce CO2 emissions dramatically to limit global warming. Distributed energy resources will be key to manage this drastic change. Cryptoeconomics has shown new incentive structures to attract the best energy data towards a decentralised energy system. Along with it, private machine learning allows for training on sensitive private data without revealing it.

After increasing utility-scale renewables, significant investments into decentralised energy are strongly needed now. To overcome the lack of information NEOKII empowers energy data owners to make use of their data assets without losing control over it. Together we build a democratised energy intelligence as basis for sophisticated investment decisions and a future energy market design.

A decentralised, democratised, and decarbonised energy system will enable access to fair, affordable, and clean energy for all.

Decentralised Energy Information Platform

Actionable intelligence based on high-quality home energy data enables sophisticated investment decisions and leads to enhanced recommendations. NEOKII is the data basis for a new energy market design. A basis for electric utilities, grid operators as well as individuals to make sophisticated investment decisions for decentralised energy. The platform will use shine’s own energy data and models as a starting engine to then combine it with open energy data and data provided by the community contributors.

NEOKII is the interface for the home energy data contributors and is supposed to be the one-stop shop for both energy data and energy model consumers, e.g. application developers. Equipped with its own incentive scheme NEOKII will be built on top of a decentralised protocol that guarantees both privacy and scalability when it comes to for storage and computation.


KII is the intrinsic method of value exchange on the platform. The token allows contributors to access NEOKII and deliver value to the platform. At the same time KII is a mechanism for delivering value back to those performing work on the platform. Contributors will be rewarded with KII for staking energy data assets or micro tasks like data cleansing, transformation and validating across multiple data sets.

shine supports energy consumers as they embark on their personal, long-term energy transition

shine’s independent platform to manage energy at home supports energy consumers as they embark on their personal, long-term energy transition. The energy management technology provides an integrated and continuous solution to optimise electricity costs and energy supplies. shine makes it easy for consumers to compare and switch electricity tariffs or providers. shine also analyses the profitability of investments in own energy generation systems and optimises existing photovoltaic or CHP systems. shine’s focus is on turning consumers into prosumers, thereby paving the way for the decentralised energy system of the future.